Check In Check Out (CiCo)

Check In Check Out (CiCo) is a TIER 2 component of our PBIS Program at Gales Ferry/Juliet Long School. This program is designed to give a portion of our population additional supports, encouragement, and intervention through daily check ins with a CiCO "Coach". Our coaches can be any staff member in the school willing to support and work with a student who needs help beyond the TIER I programming that all students receive.

Referral Process

Which students do well in the Check In Check Out (CICO) Program?

Students who you are concerned about and/or who are starting to act out but ARE NOT currently engaging in dangerous (e.g., extreme aggression, property destruction) or severely disruptive behavior (e.g., extreme noncompliance/ defiance) would be good candidates for the CICO Program.  Moreover, students who have trouble only in one area, e.g. at recess or during math, would not be an appropriate referral to the CICO program.  Ideally, students who exhibit moderate problem behavior across the day and in multiple settings, who seem motivated by adult attention, would be benefit from the program.

How are students referred to the Check In Check Out Program?

Students may be referred to the CICO program through three different potential channels: 1) teacher referrals, 2) parent referrals, and/or 3) discipline referral data.

  • Teacher Referral

A teacher may recommend a student for CICO at any time.  Prior to referral, the teacher must complete the Teacher Referral Form (please see Handout 1).  Upon completion, the form needs to be submitted to the CICO Coordinator.

  • Parent Referral

Similarly to the teacher, a parent may recommend their child for CICO at any time.  To make a referral, the parent needs to complete the Parent Referral Form (please see Handout 2).  The parent may obtain the referral from, either from the school website or school personnel.  Once completed, the form needs to be submitted to the CICO Coordinator.

  • Discipline Referral Data
  • A student may be selected for CICO based on accumulated behavior discipline referrals.  Any student who has received three Office Discipline Referrals (ODR) or six to eight Bee Stings (minor infractions), will be referred to the CICO program.

How are students nominated for the Check In Check Out Program?

The CICO team meets bi-monthly to review all the referrals for the program.   In collaboration with the teacher, the team will determine whether the CICO program is appropriate or whether another intervention would be more suitable to the student’s needs.  If a teacher and/or parent desire to refer a student before the next scheduled CICO team meeting, they may make a request an earlier meeting by contacting the CICO Coordinator.  Following the meeting, the teacher of the student will be notified of the team’s decision. 
If nominated, the teacher is expected to make contact with the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) within two days following the team meeting.
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CiCo Description